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We pride ourselves in having in-depth expertise in the adoption and implementation of various technologies for delivery of advanced, critical medical care in diverse hospital settings.

Cloudphysician: A Smart-ICU Solution

Cloudphysician is democratizing quality healthcare to small and medium sized hospital ICUs. With its smart-ICU solution, Cloudphysician is able to increase the number of ICU beds that an intensivist can reach in a timely, and cost-effective manner.

We are able to leverage our doctors/medical experts across a larger number of beds thereby providing efficient solutions.

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Our intensivists, located at our command center, are remotely connected to Hospital ICUs and leverage technology to provide round the clock 24/7 ICU coverage. At Cloudphysician, patient autonomy and privacy are paramount. All our services are HIPAA compliant.

What We Do

Cloudphysician blends modern technology with quality healthcare and seamlessly brings it to hospital ICUs in a cost efficient manner. With our smart-ICU solution, we are able to increase the number of ICU beds that an intensivist can reach thereby improving efficiency and affordability while leading to improved patient outcomes.

How We Help

Improved patient outcomes

Improved patient outcomes

Round the clock access to a specialist reduces wait times and delivers dedicated higher quality care. An accessible doctor also improves patient and family satisfaction due to better and more frequent communication.

Great confidence and bedside accountability

Greater confidence and bedside accountability

As a result of a solid support team and dedicated personnel with ICU expertise able to provide 24/7 coverage via a smart-ICU, the bedside team is empowered to admit and manage more complicated cases.


Cost optimization

By pooling scarce resources at our center Cloudphysician offers client ICUs the most efficient way to staff and run their units. This results in a more sustainable and economically stable ICU system without sacrificing quality and patient satisfaction.

Higher resource utilization

Increased ICU patient retention

Backed by a specialized team, hospitals are able to retain severe cases that would have previously been transferred out to other centers. In the first six months, ICU occupancy went up by nearly 40% with Cloudphysician.

Who is an Intensivist?

An intensivist is a specialist in critical care with specialized training after post graduation (MD or DNB). The duration of training is usually 1-3 years. In India, FNB, DM, IDCCM and IFCCM are MCI or ISCCM approved courses that impart this additional training. The doctors at Cloudphysician will always have one of these additional qualifications, or US/UK/Canada equivalents after their MD (in general medicine, anesthesia or pulmonary medicine).

India has a shortage of intensivists. There is only one anesthesiologist per 1,00,000 people. The majority of intensivists in India are anesthesiologists which makes the shortage of critical care specialists even more acute.

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

"Cloudphysician is absolutely committed to patient care.They treat our patients as their own. With Cloudphysician we have vastly improved the care that we deliver and our team is more knowledgeable too. Overall Cloudphysician is a 10/10!"

Dr. Vimohan Kumar,
Intensivist and Head of ICU,
Prashant Hospital

Quality Metrics

  • Measurement and institution of infection prevention strategies to minimize infections in the ICU and manage them early, including central line infections, catheter infections, ventilator associated infections

  • Institution of disease specific protocols to manage specific diseases based on international guidelines

  • Early detection of organ failures and initiation of concerned specialist consultation

  • Blood transfusion strategies to ensure timely transfusion of blood when required and prevent unnecessary transfusions

  • Timely and appropriate resuscitation of patients

  • Appropriate ICU prophylaxis

  • Ventilator management and utilization of lung protective strategies

  • Medication interaction verification and correction

  • Dosing of medications and appropriate alterations to be made in cases where the kidney function is changing

  • Early recognition of drug reactions and blood transfusion reactions and prevention and management of complications

American Heart Association certified Training Center (ACLS)

We offer Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and combined courses on site and at client locations with flexible dates. Our instructors and staff ensure the best training possible for these critical life saving skills that are essential for staff working at healthcare facilities. Non healthcare related personnel who are interested in obtaining accredited training in basic life saving resuscitation and first aid skills may also enroll for these courses.
Phone: 08023093922
Email: training@cloudphysician.net


Dr. Dhruv Joshi


Dr. Dileep Raman


Dhruv Sud

Head of Engineering

Latest @ Cloudphysician

"Cloudphysician 24/7 monitors critical cases and guides the bedside staff in patient care. They are knowledgeable in patient care and approachable any time of the day or night. I would recommend Cloudphysician to anyone who takes care of ICU cases. I am very happy with their service and give them 5 stars and wish them best of luck!"

Shobha Rani,
Critical Care Registered Nurse,

Cloudphysician Network

What our clients say

  • We had a case of heart block with suspected MI and it turned out to be demand ischemia due to bradycardia. Using Cloudphysician's advice we placed a permanent pacemaker and the heart block was successfully managed. Cloudphysician helps us 24/7, it's a wonderful experience!

    Dr. Vibhu Parashar,
    Intensivist and Head of ICU,
    Madan Raj Nursing Home
  • "It's a wonderful experience to work with the Cloudphysician tele-ICU team. They are concerned about patients and have build a healthy relationship with the staff at the hospital. The team is supportive and available 24/7, help us make right decisions at the right time and in a very short span of time since the initial few minutes are the crucial. There is no doubt that they use latest treatment methodologies and it is helpful for our doctors to also learn these latest updates. Last but not the least, the team is not just supportive but also humble, and I am so happy to work with the doctors at Cloudphysician."

    Dr. Arun Kumar,
    ICU Registrar,
    Aveksha Hospital

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Cloudphysician works with ICUs of all sizes and its command centers are built to connect with ICUs remotely. If you are a hospital interested in talking to us about how we can improve the quality of care that you deliver to your patients and increase efficiency.

Please reach out to us at info@cloudphysician.net.

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